A downloadable game for Windows

Fall of Men is an experimental Infinite "runner"

Currently it is under development so everything you see will most likely change.

You goal is simple reach a high distance score.

You are able to kill enemies and gaining Scrap (currency) to get upgrades after you die, scrap is persistent and stay with death so you can "hoard" scrap to get a bigger upgrade later on.

At the current time The features are:

1) Basic movement,

2) Infinite road with randomly generated enemies & obstacles locations.

3) A small spin on a "fuel" mechanic.
[ if you stop (by holding space) you will lose energy, reaching 0 will make you lose the game, while moving recharges you slowly, the faster you go the faster you get recharged (Going left slows you down and going right makes you go faster)
Why is it here you ask? sometimes stopping is needed to get range advantaged in order to not die / get hit.]

4) 4 different upgrades


WASD to move,
Mouse to aim and shoot
Hold space to stop
R to reset
Esc to pause

Controls are also in game,

I have posted the game here to receive feedback and help on developing the game.

Install instructions

Its a Zip, just open it and extract it to a folder, and open the Exe file.


Fall of men.zip 3 MB

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